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Jul 3, 2006

Women in Red: And I thought we hated dressing alike.

Should they both dress in red for the debate? That’s probably the only thing the pollsters didn’t ask us. When they called for the 50th time, my smart aleck Canadian husband handed over the phone, saying “Ask not for whom the bell polls. It polls for thee.” I took the calls. I answered the questions. I am interested in this because brand strategy is my business. I was hot on the trail of the developing brands of our gubernatorial candidates. Digging and digging, the faceless polltakers tried hard to find out what would really shock me about Linda or Mazie.

You saw it in the commercials. Mazie worked with Ben Cayetano for eight years! Ohmigod. That proves that she is not a person in her own right. Never mind that she has always been a maverick. Never been a good old boy. Fought for everything she ever got.

And Linda. She bought government cars from a family firm, costing the taxpayers of Hawaii … exactly the same amount, or possibly less, than if she had bought them from someone else. And she gave a non-bid contract to a well-known, capable, well-respected … member of her own party! Each day, I turned on the television. I was reeling. How shocking! How surprising! Continue reading »

Dec 3, 2005

Look How Far We’ve Come

Update:  I  wrote this when Barack Obama wasn’t even a Senator, when “only” 2500 of our men and women had been killed in Iraq.  Never mind Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and on and on. Plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme.


Sixteen years ago, editor Anne Harpham sent reporter Vickie Ong to interview me about my 11 year old son being stuck in Saudi Arabia because Iraq had invaded Kuwait. He was visiting his father who was working at ARAMCO in Dhahran, and initially, they were oblivious about Kuwait. I was terrified. CNN was just ten years old and was still a legitimate 24 hour news network. I knew plenty about the invasion of Kuwait, and the U.S. drumbeats for war in the Gulf. My son and his father knew nothing.

When he arrived in Saudi Arabia, “the Saudis” had taken Ian’s passport (for safe keeping?) as they had taken his father’s, and when Iraq invaded Kuwait they weren’t giving them back. Because his Dad was a physician, they would not be among the first to leave the country. Continue reading »

Oct 3, 2005


What Would Duke Do?

As the conversation heated up once again as to whether or not Hawaii’s public schools should endorse surfing as an official sport, the board members of the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation (ODKF) found ourselves asking “What would Duke Do?”

For years and years, surf clubs have existed at Hawaii’s public schools and they participate in National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) competitions – but because it is not a school-sanctioned sport, they are not allowed to use their school names in competition.

How can it be that surfing is a school-sanctioned sport in California – but not in Hawaii, where the sport was born?  The BOE and DOE contend that legitimizing surfing as a sport would be a huge liability and control issue for the schools.  Although through membership, every student who competes in its meets is covered, the NSSA says that it hasn’t had an insurance claim in its 25 years of existence. Continue reading »


Gloria. Circa 1955.

Gloria. Circa 2012.

Other than working for the American Red Cross in Korea for two years, Gloria Garvey has lived in Hawai`i since 1971. Her opinion and other writing has appeared in: The American Philatelist. Honolulu Weekly, The Honolulu Advertiser, The Honolulu Star Bulletin, The Star Advertiser, Hawai`i Reporter, Pacific Business News, Island Scene, The Design Management Journal.

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