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Jan 6, 2013

Obama to Grow a “Fro” in Second Term

Supposedly removed from store shelves; still available on

In a second history-making term referred to by insiders as the WTFN? term, Obama plans to do whatever the f–k he wants.  Caveat emptor, I am a liberal’s liberal and this blogpost is BS or my mind has been taken over by republican zombies.  Ann Coulter, are you in there?

Obama’s first priority will be to irritate the f–k out of Mitch McConnell.  Since Mitch has to run for another term in 2014, the main thrust of the first two years of the second Obama administration will be to dethrone him.  WTFN?

A staff member has been dedicated to listening to Rush Limbaugh and FOX ‘news” for the express purpose of gleaning things Obama can do to irritate the right.  If they accuse him of it, he will do it.  WTFN?   As we have already seen, his agenda has immigration and gun control on it, and it will be fun to watch him stand his ground.  WTFN?

Look forward to annual firearms license and registration fee.  WTFN?  No more concealed carry.  WTFN?  Look forward to the realization of the Dream Act.  While Republicans are dreaming, we will allow immigrants who are already here to start the path to citizenship.  Once a month, The Dream Act red carpet will be rolled out on the Mexican border.  WTFN?

Beginning in September 2016, Obama will initiate a free-for-all of Executive orders, cleaning up everything that he has left undone — or was forced to leave undone.  WTFN?   The Republicans will be so busy trying to win the White House it will take them a while to notice what the black man in the white house has done.

Jan 5, 2013

State of the Light Source Industry

Surprise! Does not meet government toxicity standards. Has Mercury. Can catch fire and/or smoke.

In 2007  Congress passed the energy bill.  Shortly thereafter, the Republicans defunded it.  So the effort to ban incandescents over time has had no oompf behind it.  Still, Ian tells me that Home Depot will stop stocking high wattage incandescent bulbs.  Ever present to the world around us, Ian made a trip to Home Depot to buy up sufficient incandescense to incandess our house for years.

About two years ago, Ian changed most of our bulbs to CFLs (compact flourscents) which were being flogged by the electric company as the be-all-end-all solution.  Turns out they have mercury in them and if they break, the government recommends that you leave the room for twenty minutes.  Nice.  He was going to replace all the CFL lights with LED lights, but he got to the cashier and found out it would cost in excess of $3000.  No sale.

LEDs the current be-all-end-all are still pretty expensive, and they haven’t quite got the lighting right.  Their prices will come down.  I love my LED Christmas tree lights, which I can bang around and they don’t break, and they last a heck of a long time.

Since all of this was new to me, I googled CFL V Incandescents v LEDs and found a chart.  Some interesting facts:


Light Source          Incandescents                     CFLs                   LEDs

life span/hours                    1200                                  8000                   50000

KWh/year                              3285                                    767                      329

Cost/year                              $328.59                         $76.65                   $32.85

heat emitted/hour              85 BTUs                         30 BTUs                  3.4 BTUs

So — there’s your treatise on the lighting industry.

Nov 29, 2012

A Man of the Peeps

Man of the Peeps

Barack, “I am the President” Obama is not a regular guy, but he grew up with them.  He knows how to talk to people and he knows what is important to them.  So taking to the hustings and getting America on board regarding what’s up makes a lot of sense.  Not just that he has the bully pulpit and might as well use it ~ getting Americans involved in what affects their lives is really important.

We have had a national conversation about the difficulty of connecting with our warriors in Iraq and Afghanistan, and no sacrifice has been asked of us.  In his tract on Self-Reliance, Emerson decries the effects which society has upon the individual. He says that when people are overly  influenced by society they will compromise their values in order to retain a foolish character to the world. He states, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” When a man forms a pattern within his life, Emerson argues that he violates his nature.

We have, as a nation, gotten into a habit of irresponsibility towards our duties as citizens.  Some of us are really crazy, some are cyncial, some are bored ~ but most of us have our heads down, doing what we can do to make our own lives.

Obama’s idea of making his case to the public is exactly what he needs to be doing and paying attention is exactly what we need to be doing.  We need to “straighten up and fly right” (as my Dad would say) where our personal investment in our values and our country is concerned.  Yates said it about World War I and it is ever more true with each passing dysfunctional congress:  “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Because he is a man of the peeps, President Obama is the one to take the if-you-believe-in-democracy charge to the people Congress is supposed to be working for.   The database the Democrats have built up is the perfect tool for mobilizing the citizenry when something is important to theirs, and our nation’s future.  And Obama’s periodic barn storming is the juice that we need to keep us alert.

Since the Koch brothers initiated their nasty little plans, and the Supreme Court forgot that we are a government of the people, for the people and by the people we need to be reminded that our voices do make a difference and what we want really matters.  It isn’t just a fiscal cliff we are facing, it is a cliff period.  And to keep us from going over, we need to help the first peep: POTUS himself.

Get on your phones to your congresspeople — as the President has said, tweet, facebook, fax— send a carrier pigeon. We are the last Whos down in Whoville and we need to shout!

Nov 23, 2012

First Family

This Thanksgiving, I am particularly grateful for our First Family

For The President who stood by America as he was disrespected by so many.  Who knuckled down and did the hard work of governing without bragging about it.  Who did some amazing things ( equal pay, healthcare, elimination of DADT, speaking out for LGBT equality) because they were the right thing to do.  Who kept his dignity in the face of another party “out to get him.”  Who is incredibly smart, thoughtful, and strategic.  Who is the perfect President for our time.

For the First Lady, who stood by America  even as she was disrespected.  Who remade her public image to accommodate our short comings.  Who taught us how to garden again.  Who asked us to eat healthy and exercise.  Who modeled the behavior she wanted us to embrace. Who took our veterans into her hands and her heart and kept their service front and center.  Who unabashedly loves her husband and protects her wonderful daughters from the glare of the lights that shine upon them.  Who is the perfect First Lady for our time.

For Malia and Sasha, who I lump together because although I wish I knew them better, thanks to their parents’ strong guidance,I don’t.   They are lovely.  They smile even though they must be annoyed at the invasion of their privacy and the bothersome things (so many of them) that make theirs not a normal childhood.  Despite their youth, they are gracious and graceful.

I am grateful for our First Family.  I am so glad we have them for four more years.   May they have the respect of our nation, the respect they have earned, the respect they deserve.




Nov 19, 2012

Only Someone Who Really Loved UH

$2 million or I stay

Only someone who really loved UH would ask for a $2million severance in the event that they wanted her to go away.  Kudos to Marci Greenwood.  Isn’t that enough to fire her?

Given who we are as a collective (and sometimes exhaustiing) “WE,” I don’t understand why we always have a “search,” spend lots of $$ to get rid of someone and lots more $$$ to attract another.  I have lived in Hawai`i for forty years and exactly two of the UH Presidents fit our fancy, or fantasy — take your pick:  Fujio “Fudge” Matsuda and David “David” McClain.   McClain came here to sit in the First Hawaiian Bank Chair of something-or-other, but he spent enough time ‘getting Hawai`i,” when he was named President it was as if he was instant kanaka maoli (sorry Dr. Blaisdell, its just a literary flourish).

Somehow, we always think that if we bring in someone new, fresh blood and all that, that it will have some profound effect on UH governance.  Hello, University Regents! Wake up.  There are  the internal folk who never “feel” consulted (faculty that weren’t consulted) and then there is Honolulu-at-large, the hulking group of critics who have nothing better to do than weigh in.

Remember Evan Dobelle?  The man who would jump over the waly to retrieve the Irish hat?  The man who upset us because he didn’t wear socks?  OMG!  After worshipping at the alter of Evan and then realizing the President didn’t wear a Reyn’s shirt, we went on the attack.  Even after he took the Warrior to watch UH win the NCAA volleyball championship.  But we tired of hearing the rumors that he thought we were rubes (we are) and “Aloha for your usual kukai, Evan, take a hike.”

I think that in hiring future Presidents, we should have a rule that they have to have lived here for at least five years (ten better), not made any errant culutural faux pas, be willing to work for a reasonable salary and be able to speak pidgin.  This is not a joke.  Some of it is, of course, but the truth is this:  you have to make your bones in Hawai`i before we will give you an inch.

I am not saying the University shouldn’t reach or even overreach.  I just think they need to be realistic about what’s possible.   The drama is supposed to be in the study of things exciting and new … the Presidency should be boring, and ~ well ~ kama’aina.


Gloria. Circa 1955.

Gloria. Circa 2012.

Other than working for the American Red Cross in Korea for two years, Gloria Garvey has lived in Hawai`i since 1971. Her opinion and other writing has appeared in: The American Philatelist. Honolulu Weekly, The Honolulu Advertiser, The Honolulu Star Bulletin, The Star Advertiser, Hawai`i Reporter, Pacific Business News, Island Scene, The Design Management Journal.

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