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Apr 23, 2012

World Peace Looks Like This

Throw an elbow for peace

Ron Artest changing his name to Metta World Peace was high art.  Especially for those of us who remember Artest charging the Detroit stands in 2004 after Ben Wallace shoved him, starting one of the biggest fights the NBA has ever seen.

He showed his true colors yesterday when he elbowed John Harden, prompting the Chicago Sun Times to say “World Peace goes Ron Artest on James Harden.”    That one will go in the urban dictionary soon.  He may have changed his name to remind himself that “peace starts with me” but unfortunately it is on his back, so he will never see it.

He changed his name to Metta World Peace, but for what?  His jersey says World Peace  because now it is his last name.  Raises the question:   since he is a “star” … has he registered the name?  Does he own it?

If he does, it is just as well.  It does appear that the possibility of “World Peace” has faded into impossibility.  We won’t need to use it anymore.  And it is all the more ironic that one of basketball’s biggest bullies has changed his name in time to represent what “world peace”  really looks like on mother earth today.

Apr 22, 2012

Benefits of Multiple Marriages

I had to get married three times in order to get it right.  But it was worth it.  I have eight wonderful grandchildren.

Lily, Kiana, Jack

In Canada, I have five grandchildren.  Anja,  Sophie, Theo, Clara and David.

The three kids pictured here are Lily, Kiana and Jack.  Their Dad Eric posted this on Facebook with the caption “wake up call.”  Luckily for us, these “guys” live in Hawai`i.  They have the greatest Dad in the world.  Their world is full of love and craziness.  One of his presents to them was a directional microphone so they could go up and down the street and listen to the neighbors.

I am so lucky.

Apr 22, 2012

Bella Has A Gun

Dobre Utro Amerika!

With all the talk lately about 26 states with “Stand Your Ground” laws, and Rick Santorum’s signing his three year old daughter Bella up for the NRA, bringing their number to 73,741, we think it’s time to celebrate one of the world’s most popular WMDs, the Kalashinikov — or as we call it here in the good old USA, the AK-47.

We are a country at war.  All the time war.  Our citizenry cherishes the right to bear arms.  We are approximately 7% of the world’s population, but we can boast 20% of the world’s population in our jails.  Except, in a few days, for George Zimmerman, whose appearance in court foreshadows his Turn and Run strategy in the Trayvon Martin case.

Because America so loves a war, a Russian friend of ours gave us the T-shirt pictured in this blog.  We wanted you to see it before we shipped it off to California, which has an accidental “Stand Your Ground” law.  Well, not exactly an accidental law because it has never been legislated.  But it was ordered, more than a century ago, by court decree.

“Those are the kind of activist judges we like,” said Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA.   LaPierre has been called “over the edge” and “a wingnut” by members of his own organization.

Apr 22, 2012

Stupid Person

We took this picture outside of Crepes No Ka Oi in Kailua.  It is a perfect demonstration of why American schools shouldn’t drop subjects like social studies and civics.

Someone has printed bumper stickers, and the person driving this car was stupid enough to put it on his car.

No matter how much you dislike the President, you can’t “Fire” him (or her).

In the 1990s Mark worked on a project funded by the U.S.  Department of Defense in Krasnoyarsk, the largest district in Siberia.  Called Civics Education in the Information Age, it was designed to help Glasnostian children understand how to put democracy to work — the behaviors of behaving as a citizen in a democratic society.  The program was funded for several years; devevloped through the Curriculum And Resource Development Group at the University of Hawai`i.

Even though those kids probably started out knowing more about our democratic system than the young man who was driving the car, they left those classes as participants in their society.  In 2007, my Canadian husband decided to become a U.S. citizen, and prepared to take the test.  His inquisitor, finding Russia in his passport, spent some time telling him how much (s)he hated Russia.  At the end of the interview, he asked “Don’t you want me to recite the 13 original colonies of the United States?”  “If you want to.”  So he did.  “I’ll have to take your word for it,” said the U.S. government representative.






Apr 21, 2012

Hawai`i’s Big Boys Form Rail SuperPac

Speaks for Itself!

Yes, Virginia, HEI, Castle & Cooke, Outrigger Group, Queen’s, Island Insurance,  HMSA,  HawaiianElectric Industries, Hawaiian Telcom,  The Gas Company, HMSA , Bank of Hawai`i and other Hawai`i uber-companies are people.  That’s why they feel comfortable forming the SuperPac Move Oahu Forward.

After regular people have spent years being inundated with “education campaigns” about rail  they have come to the conclusion that it is a waste of OUR money, and that it won’t solve traffic problems.   However, Persons  named Move Oahu Forward beg to differ.

Mufi Hanneman spent $5 million of our taxpayer dollars just for fun during his term as Mayor of Honolulu.   “People here aren’t as smart as they think they are,” noted Person Move Oahu Forward. “We need to spend several million more to let them know the benefits of rail.  Benefits to us, Persons named Move Oahu Forward.  There will be development opportunities galore!  Electricity, gas, telephones … they are all key to rail’s success.  The ‘little people’ thing … that’s way down the road.”  Other Big Company Person named Move Oahu Forward said “We’re not WalMart here.  It will be just like when Target came to Kapolei.  They’ll be over the moon!  Even those stupid people in Kailua who objected to Target opening there… they will be all over it in no time!”

Person named Move Oahu Forward  pointed out that all of those problems with our infrastructure “will be solved by rail.  It will only be at-ground part of the time — meaning that people won’t actually have to look at the crumbling bridges or pothole-riddled roads.  In Hawai`i, we know that it is out of sight, out of mind.   We’re here to make that possible.”

“We aren’t one of those cities with enough traffic for rail,” said one of the many, many HART spokespeople, “so we will be requiring people from Kailua to Hauula to drive to Kapolei using the H3, and board the rail there.  Beyond Hauula, we will require all H2 traffic to head towards Kapolei.”  Apparently the spokesperson did not know the microphone was still live.  Neither did the Mayor when he said “I can do more after the election.”

“When we’re ready to go, we’ll roadblock every tv station.  Change the channel?  We’ll be there.  We’re changing the name of the newspaper to Honolulu Rail Advertiser.  Think that Santorum thing was bad?  Just wait til you google Prevedouros!”

Gloria. Circa 1955.

Gloria. Circa 2012.

Other than working for the American Red Cross in Korea for two years, Gloria Garvey has lived in Hawai`i since 1971. Her opinion and other writing has appeared in: The American Philatelist. Honolulu Weekly, The Honolulu Advertiser, The Honolulu Star Bulletin, The Star Advertiser, Hawai`i Reporter, Pacific Business News, Island Scene, The Design Management Journal.

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