Feb 23, 2015

Concealed Carry on Campus

A disturbing editorial in the New York Times this weekend says that the gun lobby “is flirting with self-parody as it explains the issue of sexual assaults on college campuses by proposing a solution of — what else? –having students carry guns.”

Currently 41 states ban guns on campus through either state or university policy.  But lawmakers in 10 states are considering legislation to arm students on college campuses.  The sponsor of a Nevada gun law, Michele Fiore “told The Times that ‘these young hot little girls on campus’ would be safer if they could brandish a weapon and make sure ‘these sexual predators get a bullet in their head.’”

According to The Times, the Florida legislature is considering a bill legalizing concealed carry on the 12 state university campuses DESPITE “… opposition from students, professors, administrators and police officials.”  Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota are working on bills that allow adults to carry guns in schools beginning in kindergarten.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced his intentions to sign any campus carry bills that are being written in the Texas legislature.  Montana’s senate has a campus carry bill “with fine print as to whether roommates can veto a student’s gun possession.”

The Time points to a new study by the Violence Policy Center which notes that states with weak gun-safety laws and high rates of gun ownership lead the nation in the number of gun deaths.  The Violence Policy Center’s website notes:” Public health research has shown that firearms violence is directly related to firearms availability and density.

What separates America from other Western, industrialized nations is not our overall rate of violence, but our rates of lethal violence–which can be directly traced to gun availability.” 

Surprisingly, to the naive among us (me included), this is another way that the gun lobby can market guns to young people and make them lifelong customers.  So it behooves them to work with legislatures to draft these bills. and pass them (push them?) into law.


NOTE: Hawaii has no specific law regarding the limitations of concealed firearms on college and university campuses, therefore it is up to each university and college to decide whether to permit concealed handguns on campus or in buildings.As of August 21, 2013, no public or private university permits concealed guns on campus grounds or in buildings.








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