Apr 28, 2012

Do The Conservatives Know Issa is Lebanese?

Do they also know that he has been arrested for stealing cars (a Dodge Charger and a Maserati) and also for carrying a concealed weapon — this part they probably like : a 25 caliber with rounds of ammunition as well as a tear gas gun with ammunition.

This is Mr. Morality, who announced at the beginning of his service that he was going to be investigating Obama’s administration on a 24/7 basis, following the lead of the Senate Minority “leader” and the cabal of Republican rats who decided, the day Obama was inaugurated that their first priority would be “making sure that Obama does not get reelected.”

Issa has had a checkered career, and so it seems he thinks that everyone who he wants to interview has one as well.  He is either eternally suspicious or a bad joke, neither of which you would take home to Mom.

This is the guy that had five men testifying about birth control, and denied a well educated woman the opportunity to speak.

This is the guy that said that Obama’s administration is the most corrupt in American history.   Takes one to know one, Daryl baby.


(photo from “sodahead”)


  • Wanting to get to the bottom of a federal agent’s murder and holding those responsible for it is does not in my opinion warrant someone being called corrupt or a “douchebag.”

  • Investigation of murder of Federal agent ongoing. Issa’s committee about related but not same issue. Also he is keeping key witnesses out because their testimony doesn’t conform to his story line. Holder has turned over 7000 pages. This is not about contempt. Before we get to the executive privilege argument, Bush used it several times, and no one said a thing.

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Gloria. Circa 1955.

Gloria. Circa 2012.

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