Sep 18, 2013

Fun with Guns

Iowa has passed a law that permits blind people to own guns (and,presumably, to shoot them).  There have been three permits issued, and several Iowa legislators say they did not know what they were approving when they passed the bill.  Nonetheless, the Governor of Iowa says there is no problem with it.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, an NRA-backed constitutional amendment that guarantees gun ownership as a fundamental right has wrought a law suit from felons which won in a court case that struck down the law which said felons could not own guns.  Apparently Bobby Jindal,who endorsed the constitutional amendment, did not know that it could nullify many of Louisiana’s more sensible gun laws.

On to North Carolina, where the Winston Salem city council reluctantly passed a law allowing guns on their playgrounds.  They were forced to do this by a state law saying that guns were to be permitted on all playgrounds in North Carolina.

Captain Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords have recently produced videos of Kelly filling out a background check to buy a 45.  It took 5 minutes to get approval after Kelly answered “no” to a list of questions like “Are you a felon?” and “Are you addicted to marijuana?”

Kelly said in a television interviewed that there have been several (five, I think) mass shootings since Newtown (a mass shooting is defined as the killing of four or more people).  Kelly also pointed out that upwards of 65% of Americans don’t own guns.

That’s right:  65% of us don’t own guns.  So why can the NRA throw out two decent Colorado legislators and ensure that our national government does not pass gun laws:  not on the heels of Newtown, not now on the heels of the Navy Yard?   Harry Reid says he can’t get the votes.

Once again, I am reminded of Yate’s poem, where the “worst are full of passionate intensity, and the best lack all conviction.”  Robert Reich, Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, opines that we are near a tipping point — like the country was in 1901, and again in the 30s and the 60s.  He believes that things will tip in the direction of the values our country was founded on.  I wonder.



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