Sep 13, 2013

Ted Cruz: Cuckoo Calling?

Today Ted Cruz is on the stump championing racism by quoting John Wayne’s comment to overt racist Jesse Helms:  ”Aren’t you the crazy one?  We need 100 more like you.”

Then, Cruz implies that it takes guts to be crazy like Jesse Helms, and that not many people have the guts to be crazy which he himself clearly has.  Cruz is crazy like a fox.  Harvard educated, McCathy look and act alike, Cruz ignores the fact that today we have more than 100 crazy people like him, every last one of them nuts in their own right and playing to a crowd (and taking advantage of them) that is feeling left out of the American dream.

On the other side of the coin there is Elizabeth Warren, the straight talking inventor of the Consumer Protection Agency, who acknowledges at an AFL-CIO conference that “the people know that the system is rigged against them.”

Here’s the irony:  Elizabeth Warren is the little guy’s real champion, someone who is willing to go to bat for the huge percentage of our populous which has not benefited from our weak recovery.  Recently released statistics show that 95% of the gains from the “recovery” have gone to the 1%.

Ted Cruz has no intention of doing anything for anyone but Ted Cruz.  He is playing to a crowd of comparatively uneducated folks who are not part of the big game that Cruz himself is playing as a Senator.  He rightly tells “the people” that only they can kill Obamacare when he flat out knows this to be a lie.

But that takes the burden off him, doesn’t it?  He and his ilk can go around the planet risk free, speaking irresponsibly and insulting his audience — who he clearly thinks is stupid.

And now comes Republican strategist Steve Schmidt who gave us Sarah the gift that keeps on giving Palin, saying that Cruz has positioned himself to be a leader for the GOP in the 2016 Presidential race.  That’s great.  Cruz and Rand Paul — according to Schmidt, Rubio has counted himself out by his honest position on immigration — will be big contenders.

If Chris Christie isn’t able to skate to the nomination and Cruz and the crazies are actually taken seriously, the 98% (or at least a substantial share of them) will have meaningless revenge on the ones who rigged the game.

We don’t need 100 crazies like Ted Cruz.  We need 100 crazies like Elizabeth Warren — who respect their audience and tell the truth as they see it.  Ted Cruz looks like a lounge singer, but his song is far more dangerous than we are giving him credit for.

Once again I am reminded of Yeats’ poem The Second Coming.  Ted Cruz  could very well be the rough beast whose hour has come round at last, slouching his way towards Bethlehem to be born.

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Gloria. Circa 1955.

Gloria. Circa 2012.

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