May 23, 2012

With A Name Like Grover Norquist


I completely understand why Grover Norquist is such a jerk.  It all starts with his name:  a jerky name if there ever was one.

Pardon my language (why now, you ask?) but I once read that “critics are like eunuchs watching a gang bang.”  That is Grover Norquist in a nutshell (pun intended).

Profiled in Nora Easton’s book Gang of Five:  Leaders of the Conservative Crusade, Norquist has been anti-tax and anti-government since he received his B.A. and M.A. at Harvard (snob).  He once made a remark that he wanted to shrink  anti-government until it was small enough that it could be “drowned in a bathtub.”

Reading biographical information about Grover, one finds that his father was a VP at Polaroid, but there is no information whatsoever about Grover having a job — none at all.  It seems that Grover has survived his entire life on other people’s money, and his main “profession” is about scaring the bejeezus out of the Republicans with his demands that they sign his anti-tax pledge.

Grover is in the business of buying their signatures and their silence.   Although not officially a politician, Grover is the very definition of American politics today.   America, the place where alleged statesmen announce at the beginning of a President’s term that their priority will be to make Obama a one term President (turtle-human hybrid* Mitch McConnell).  Never mind that when he said this, with a snarky smile on his shiny face, our country was circling the drain.

Grover is the most egregious kind of freak.  Gutless and spineless, he waves other people’s money to hold a gun to political heads.    The kind of son every mother any mother would be proud to have.


*human-turtle hybrid reference courtesy of Stephen Colbert


  • Nonsense my misguided friend.
    Your blatant words of hate and Envy help and not hurt Mr. Norquest’s popularity.
    Just admit it Gloria: the left is jealous because their counterpart is missing.
    Here is a chalenge for you and your chance to shine:
    Create an equivalent pledge for the Democrats to sign – their quintessential principle – then make them sign an oath to it!
    Republicans claim to be all in favor or a limited government.
    Mr. Norquest is holding them to it;
    what will you hold the Democrats to?
    What do Dem’s stand for?
    You tell me?

    • Grover’s pledge = The D.A.R.E. program

      • You don’t get it Gloria… no one hates the D.A.R.E, but the leftists hate the Grover’s pledge, and clearly no Democrat would ever sign it. You need to come up with a pledge the Democrats will sign for you, and no Republican would. Be the Grover for the liberal left, it will make you one of the most significant left wing liberal advocates today. But… your pledge has to resonate with the left just as powerfully as the Grover’s does with the Conservatives. Don’t waste time hating Grover, he is doing you a favor by drawing a clear line of distinction between the two parties. We need a Grover’s counterpart for the liberal left to do the same. What highest principle do the Democrats stand for that is so clearly different then the Republicans? What promise could you hold them down to? Grover has accomplished that with his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, it works powerfully. I challenge you and the liberals alike to come up with your liberal Democrat pledge, not complain about his. Then have you congressman sign it for all to see. Can you do that?

  • Not about hate. Grover Pledge = amazingly naive. d.a.r.e. = amazingly naive.

    Thanks for your comments, and I see we are in a man/woman convinced against his/her will is of the same opinion still. GG

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Gloria. Circa 2012.

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